Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Quality and Productivity (SLAAQP) was founded in 1996 and was the successor to the Quality Circle Association of Sri Lanka, which had been established in 1989. Since then the association has immensely contributed to the Quality and productivity of our nation. SLAAQP is a nonprofit making organization comprised of Professionals those who wish to contribute their time and knowledge to uplift the Quality and Productivity in our nation.

Our key events comprise of annualĀ  National Convention of Quality and Productivity, the annual 5S convention and further extends its services to the industry by holding public seminars and tailor made in-house training programs. Hence productivity promotion in private sector, public sector, education sector and community sector is being achieved through establishing a productive work culture within the country, encouraging innovation and creativity, launching an awareness program to the general public, socializing the program on productivity promotion as a national campaign. By enhancing quality and productivity it is hoped to provide benefits to consumers/workers in improving the standard of living, to business by creating more outputs with the same or fewer inputs and the Government by generating larger tax payments by higher economic growth.