National Convention on Quality and Productivity (NCQP) – 2018

This event was organized to promote quality & productivity in Sr Lanka and encourage employee involvement and leadership role in excellence performance. Improving quality and productivity on a national scale will deliver many benefits including better quality, higher reliability, reducing costs of production and service, thereby reducing the cost of living and improving competitiveness of Sri Lankan industries.Event was held on 12th July 2018 at Sri anka Foundation Institute.

The selected teams will get the opportunity to represent Sri Lanka at the next International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) 2018 to be held in Singapore in October 2018.


Company Team Name
Advantis 3PL Plus (Logiwiz) NLH FG Hub
Amazon Trading (Pvt) Ltd Dynamic Energy
Asiri Laboratories Innovators
Asiri Laboratories The Achievers
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Hawkeyes
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Brave Lions
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Question & Answer
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Dream
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Arrow
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Theekshanaya
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd. Explorers
Camso Loadstar-Wheel Manufacturing Division Unique
CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd Ekamuthu
CBL Foods International (Pvt) Ltd Eagle Eye
David Pieris Motor Company (Pvt) Ltd Speed Force
Elastometric Engineering Co. Ltd Saviya
Elastometric Engineering Co. Ltd Eagle
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd Seven Ways
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd Super Cutting
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd Team
Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC Guardian Angels
Lanka Hospitals PLC (PQ180) Safer Hands
Lanka Hospitals PLC (PQ180) Black Ants
Lanka School of Nursing Great Quality Circle
Lanka Special Steels Ltd Target
Lanka Special Steels Ltd Awanetha
Linea Clothing Super Supporters
Macson Mesh Industries Pvt Ltd Galaxy
MAS Active – Contourline Challengers (IE)
MAS Active Asialine Division Asia Challenger
MAS Active Linea Intimo (Pvt) Ltd RM Challengers
MAS Active Linea Intimo (Pvt) Ltd Dye House Team B
MAS Active Pvt. Ltd – Kreeda Division, Linea, Nike Modemization Centre Super Smart
MAS Active Sleekline RM Champions
MAS Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd – Balangoda Opal
MAS Fabric Matrix Aurora
MAS Fabric Matrix (Pvt) Ltd Super Five
MAS Fabric Matrix (Pvt) Ltd Five Fingers
MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd – Unichela (Pvt) Ltd- Slimtex Division Slimtex Rapid
MAS Holdings Unichela (Pvt) Ltd Tech-panther
MAS Holdings Unichela (Pvt) Ltd Incredibles
MAS Holdings, Unichela Koggala Change Makers
MAS Intimates Pvt. Ltd – Linea Clothing Div Aura
MAS Intimates Pvt. Ltd – Linea Clothing Division Dream Seeker
MAS Kreeda Intimo Strong Power
MAS Kreeda Intimo Nebula
MAS Kreeda Intimo Avengers
MAS Kreeda Intimo Intimo CI-02
MAS Kreeda- Leisureline Operation Challengers
MAS Kreeda Mihinthale Cutting Challengers
MAS Kreeda Mihinthale 3 Zeros
MAS Kreeda Mihinthale Shadow Fighter
MAS Kreeda MOS MOS 1
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Discovery
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Strangers
MAS Kreeda Shadeline (Pvt) Ltd Super Change
MAS Kreeda, Methliya Six Sigma
MAS Linea Intimates (Pvt) Ltd Seekers
MAS Noyon Lanka Andrew MIDA
MAS Silueta Pvt Ltd Seekers
MAS Stretchline – Covering AJ Stars
MAS Unichela Pvt. Ltd – Casualline Division Smart 06
MAS Vaanavil FG Challengers
MAS Vaanavil Blue Whales
MAS Vaanavil Rainbow
Samson Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd Bees
Samson Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd Blue Diamond
Sri Lanka Telecom Regional Office Rantharu
Uni Dil Packaging Ltd Focus
Uni Dil Packaging Ltd Sisko
Unichela Pvt Ltd – Linea Clothing Division Plus Mind
Unichela Pvt Ltd – Linea Clothing Division Infinity
Unichela Pvt. Ltd – Linea Clothing Division Eco
Unichela Pvt. Ltd – Linea Clothing Division Change Maker
Company Team Name
Amazon Trading (Pvt) Ltd Miracle Seekers
Amazon Trading (Pvt) Ltd The Achievers
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Path Finders
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Creator
D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd. Arunalu
Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC Mind Benders
Lanka Hospitals Corporation PLC Team LHD
Linea Intimates Speed Force
MAS Active (Pvt) Ltd – Shadowline Division Shadow Eagles
MAS Active Linea Intimo (Pvt) Ltd Storm
MAS Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd Skolar
MAS Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd Future Heroes
MAS Kreeda Linea AITC Future Winners
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Centigrate
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd One Direction
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Revolution
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Kreeda Embellishment
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Kreeda Api
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Crocodile
MAS Kreeda Shadeline (Pvt) Ltd Brilliant Star
MAS Kreeda Synergy Five Star
MAS Kreeda Synergy Syndi
MAS Kreeda, Leisureline Leasureline-02
MAS Kreeda, Leisureline Brave Hearts
MAS Linea Aqua (Pvt) Ltd Star Catchers
MAS Linea Aqua (Pvt) Ltd Cutting – Sub
MAS Methliya Texture
MAS Stretchline (Pvt) Ltd Super Five
MAS Vaanvil (Tamil Presentation) Train to Sew From Zero
Samson Compounds (Pvt) Ltd Eagle Eye
Samson International PLC Lion
Samson International PLC Silent
Samson Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd Vision
Samson Rubber Industries (Pvt) Ltd Beyond the Victory
Unichela (Pvt) Ltd – Biyagama Division Agni
Unichela Pvt. Ltd – Linea Clothing Division BE+
University of Sri Jayawardenapura Bees
Company Team Name
MAS Kreeda Synergy Five Fingers
Macson Mesh Industries Pvt Ltd Regain
Atlas Axillia (Pvt) Ltd Lion Heart
D. Samson Industries (Pvt) Ltd Step By Step
MAS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd – Unichela (Pvt) Ltd – Slimtex Division Slimtex FG Stars
MAS Kreeda Linea AITC Active Winners
MAS Kreeda Intimo Intimo CI- 01
Linea Clothing Division RM Talent
Samson Compounds (Pvt) Ltd Brave Lions
MAS Active – Contourline Firewall (Team Lazor Cutting)
MAS Kreeda Nirmaana (Pvt) Ltd Golden Flashers
MAS Kreeda Synergy Challengers
MAS Intimates Linea Clothing Gold
MAS Methliya Wiskam
Lanka Hospitals PLC Success
MAS Bodyline (Pvt) Ltd – Balangoda Nebula
MAS Stretchline (Pvt) Ltd Stretch-lions
MAS Methliya Super Power
Eskimo Fashion Knitwear (Pvt) Ltd Dye House
MAS Active – Contourline Trydax (Team Cutting Quality)
Gislaved Gummi Lanka (Pvt) Ltd GGL’s Hearts

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